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So I’ve been led to do personal blogging such as beauty and lifestyle subjects. One day I was posting an instagram picture and I realized that my caption was pretty lengthy. I have became so used to typing long caption posts with my spiritual inspirations, that I just typing and typing with a simple hair product picture. As I was typing something hit, “Create a blog post”! So here I am lol.

In this post I want to talk about me not using heat for a while. I’m trying this whole “no heat”, to let my hair grow quicker and more healthier; also for the sake of my curl’s life. I am striving for a year but knowing me and my love for the versatility with the flat iron, I am going to say at least six months. I’ll just wear it natural, and use as many different protective styles as I can. I’ll be looking like felicia and whoopi from Colored Purple at night but when I leave out the house, I’ll be looking like a baby Tracee Ellis Ross (She’s my hair Crush, always and forever). I’ll admit it’s a STRUGGLE because “I’m in love with my straight hair and my curling iron”. SOOO I’m going to see how long I last at this strictly natural thing for real for real this time because I’ve attempted this many times but always gave in. I also will try to keep up with my hairfinity pills that I’ve had but never stay consistent with.



I’m telling you this whole natural thing is harder than I thought, I thought just quitting on the creamy crack was enough, but there is so much to it. However I do not regret going natural because I have learned a lot about my hair and how beautiful it really is without all the chemicals and heat. I will do another post on my hair journey soon and very soon. Well moving along, today is deep conditioning day and I have A LOT of heat damage, obviously since I had a hard time leaving the heat alone. I’m trying to bring all of my curls back to life. There are areas in my head with popping curls, then there are areas where it’s waves on waves, then there is just a miracle needed to bring it back to life. The products I use are very good and I’ve been using them since I’ve started my journey back in December 2012. I love Shea Moisture Products, I love all natural hair products. I just started using coconut oil for deep conditioning treatments and I love it as well. Olive oil is a must, and Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner is my all time favorite. I’ve strayed away from it when I first ran out and every product I tried to replace it with, never amounted to Cantu. I also just started using Giovanni products and I have to say, it’s okay, I still need more time to determine if it is good for my hair type or not. Speaking of, my hair type is very one of a kind, seriously, I don’t know what it is. Well after using all of these products I braided my hair up with the leave in conditioner by cantu and will see if I will be wearing my hair out or in a bun, depending on the outcome of my braid out. 

Just to let you know, I am not a newbie at this natural thing, I’m just taking it serious, well aiming to be consistent with it and feel like blogging it, I’ll track my journey and maybe inspire someone to start or pick up where they left off. So feel free to recommend products, if you just want to advice on your hair, I’m here. So until next time. xoxo Brittany.



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