Just something that was on my heart about making sure our hearts are right with God. Because we can claim to be Christians, never missing service, basically having the tradition and routine of a Christian down pact, but failing to realize, our hearts are empty and full of the wrong things. A personal relationship is what Jesus wants with us, and along with our faithfulness to church, He wants our faithfulness to Him.

Some of us need our hearts to be checked. We have to make sure we are pleasing God with our lives. We don’t want to get in front of Jesus and hear the words “Depart from Me, I never knew you”, but a lot of Christians are in for a rude awakening if they don’t change their way of doing things. A lot of our issues comes from our hearts. We have the wrong motives, we still have selfishness, Unforgiveness, and pride inside of us. We are so accustomed to what we’ve been taught that when we are revealed truth, we run away. But God is saying now is the time to get it right. Now is the time to face what’s in your heart. You’ve been attending church and doing all the things that make you look like a Christian, but inside your heart is rotten, it’s empty, and your relationship with Me, is almost non existent. It all has to do with what’s in your heart. Ask God to search your heart and reveal your truth to you.

I touch on a few things and hope it encourages you some way some how.

Brittany La'Vell