img_6107I know being a single woman can be hard when you desire to be in a relationship, and being a single Christian woman can be even harder because being married is like one of the number one goals we are pressured to accomplish sooner rather than later. So any man who gives a little attention you immediately start wondering “is he my potential husband” ” I wonder if he’s interested” “how can I show him I like him without looking desperate” etc. I used to be guilty of driving myself crazy wondering if every man who walked past me was my husband (thank God for deliverance!!! oh and disciplining myself to control my emotions #theStruggleCanBeReal lol). I think a lot of women take the fun out of waiting on God to work out their love life because of anxiousness, pressure, and obsession of being married. I say all this because I’ve been there before and God had to show me that I MUST keep my eyes on Him: at all times (Isaiah 26:3). You must not awaken love before it’s time (Song of Solomon 8:4). You must guard your heart (Proverbs 4:23). Not to get too deep but for the simple fact that the devil is just prowling around looking for someone to devour, and when your focus is off Jesus and on worrying about a man, you become weak and easy to distract and destroy. (1 Peter 5:8). Also, your mind and heart can fail you, if it’s not renewed on a daily basis. You’re troubling your heart when you are led by your imaginations and over analyze everything, (one day you think he likes you and the next day you’re not sure). Your thoughts can lead you to borderline walking into lust and idolatry if you don’t cast down vain imaginations and reports that are not from God. On top of that, let’s be real; God gives us wisdom and it doesn’t take rocket science to know if someone is interested or not. It doesn’t take confirmations and a million and one prayers to God. If a man is, he will tell you, better yet, he will SHOW you. You won’t have to wonder and worry your pretty self, by over analyzing every single detail. At the end of the day, you are worth someone willing to not waste your time or his. So keep your mind focused on Jesus and remember your worth! So beautiful, fix your eyes on back on Jesus and think on things that are true, honest, pure, and of a good report. NOT on a man, worrying if he likes you or not. Stop bringing confusion to yourself!

Brittany La'Vell