Today, I was Facebook and I stumbled upon a video about a chemical attack that happened in Syria. Only thing I could do was cry and pray to God. I kept asking God why, and how much more senseless acts must happen? How many more innocent lives must be lost before He comes and saved us. I felt the spirit of The Lord tell me that God sees it all. In fact, Jesus’ heart is weeping. He is crying from all the senseless crimes, the killings, the innocent children being abused and killed by heartless attacks. If only you people knew how desperately He wants to come back for His people and save them from the life. This wicked world we live in, and sadly it will only get worst. Jesus wants to come and save His people so they won’t have to endure another day; but there is still work that needs to be done. There are still potential souls that need to be saved. He doesn’t want to leave them behind. He understands how wicked the world is, but it is not time. Most of the lost souls lingering around, are hanging on thin thread and they know they should give their life over to Jesus, but they just can’t seem to. So, He is delaying His coming so those He called, appointed, and chose can do the Will of His and share the good news in a wicked world. Because even through all the darkness this world is spreading, there are lights that God has placed and kept here to be a witness of the salvation Jesus has to offer. We can no longer be selfish, it’s time to be selfless. We can no longer be fearful, we must walk with power and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). It’s time to switch our mindsets to a mind like Jesus. So, to the person that was called and chosen, God is waiting for you to stand and let your light shine so bright, that it will testify that Jesus is the only hope that is left. This is not the time to slumber or faint. This is the time to stand and share good news in a bad world. Jesus is waiting on His people. Pray, intercede, get to work, because there is a soul attached to your obedience. We, The people of God, are the forefront of His Kingdom on earth, and we have a job to do. So my quick message for today is to share what The Spirit of The Lord placed on my heart and that is to “Intercede for the lost, broken, abused and wounded, until Jesus returns.”


Brittany La'Vell