Hello Beautiful souls,


Yes, you read correctly, we will be taking a short break (not too long), just about a month, and will return in March 2018 refreshed, and with new content.

It’s a little unexpected but with the new year here, I’m being led to a time of resting in the Lord. To reset and refresh my mind, body, and spirit personally. To refine and renew the blog and brand.

If I can be completely honest, there is a lot happening at once in my life and I just want to make sure that I am fully in sync with God, so that I am bringing my all with excellence. Not only will I be taking a break from blogging, but also from social media as a whole. Unplugging from the social world is healthy in a daily renewal of the mind. With all that is going on in today’s world, we have to make sure that we are clearly hearing from God.

There are moments in our lives when God will require us to surrender absolutely everything to Him so that we can sit before Him, allowing Him to personally minister to us without any added noise. One cannot pour out if they have nothing to give; not saying I have nothing to give, but rather I know that this is a season and time when I need to be poured into by God and His Word.

With a lot going on, including physically (My health has been out of whack for a few months), I know I need to lay down every weight, distraction, picked up mindset, task, plan, idea, and seek The Face of The Lord.

Sometimes God asks things of us that doesn’t make sense right now, but will eventually as time pass.

So, I wanted to just make a notice, just in case you look up and realize I haven’t posted in a while (lol). I’m only taking a quick break from blogging, AND social media on my personal and blog page.

During this time I will be soaking up on prayer, fasting, worship, studying, reading, and really nurturing my relationship with Jesus.

None of this matters if Jesus isn’t the forefront.

It can get to that point where you get caught up in a routine lifestyle and along with work, church can become another thing to do. Or you begin to take your calling/purpose/assignment lightly because you’ve been doing it for so long. Or you start comparing and contrasting yourself to others and forgetting that you are unique because God called you! When it gets to that point, it’s good to take time to do a self-evaluation. Me personally, I want to make sure that all that I do and say not only is what I’m living behind closed doors, but also in agreement with The Word of God and not MY own wisdom.

When I return, I want to come back with a new set of spiritual eyes, pure motivation, and a new understanding of scripture; making sure I apply it accurately with my writings. There are so many ideas and assignments on my plate that I need to take to The Lord and prioritize.

I share all this to say that you don’t have to pretend to be perfect like you have everything together. If you need to take a mental, spiritual, physical break from something, pray and do it as The Lord leads you. Life requires a lot from us with work, school, businesses, families, marriages, ministry; it’s always important to check in with God to make sure we are still in His Will.

So, I shall return in March, with awesome news, new posts, testimonies, and great things that will be all worth the wait!

Honestly, I can’t wait, but I know I will have to and be obedient to simply TAKE A BREAK and rest in The Lord. 🙂

See you then.
Love you always

Brittany La'Vell