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Tell Your Flesh to Sit Back Down.


“I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.” Galatians 5:16 NKJV

Beautiful things take time to build. However it only takes for one wrong thing to quickly abort what could have been. There could be a person God puts in your path, that could possibly become your wife/husband or a good friend, but if you allow your flesh to rule you, you can pervert the beauty of what He could have built. For instance, you may have a new person in the picture, but in your past you’ve been cheated on. You start to constantly out of nowhere check on them, question them, and try to control the entire situation. Like calm down, you haven’t even started an official relationship. Now the person starts to think you’re needy and insecure and it turns them off. You’re so paranoid on things turning out like the last person, that you’ve taken the fun out of everything. You let your flesh get in the way. You should have submitted those insecure thoughts to God, fasted and prayed.

Maybe you are not that person; you have your insecurities under control. Maybe you haven’t had sex in a while. After many countless failed encounters with men, you decided to become celibate until marriage. Then one day, you meet this new person. After a couple of days or week of knowing them, you start feeling attracted to them, and then temptation starts rising. Satan knows what you’ve been secretly thinking about; just you and your thoughts, thinking how long it’s been and how good it felt. You start thinking how would it be with this person; I am pretty sure they are thinking the same thing because we are human. Instead of submitting those thoughts to God to have Him remove them and cleanse them from you, you let them grow. Then one day instead of fleeing from the temptation, you give into it. You allow your sinful nature to feed their sinful nature and BOOM; you end up in bed with one another when you were supposed to be getting to know each other. Since you have opened that door that is what you two mostly do. After a while you realize that is not what you want so eventually you two start to become distant. Now when you see each other it’s awkward and mixed feelings because now you two probably think hypocritical of one another.

What could have turned into a beautiful love story, turned into an ungodly soul tie and unfinished business. I mean some people are into starting over and trying again, but some aren’t. Don’t ignite a flame and don’t add fire to it because you’re still held accountable for your part. Like me for instance, I am no stranger to giving into my flesh. I was in the position to escape the temptation but I gave into it. However I forgave myself and I now know better. There were plenty of times when my flesh got in the way of a possible relationship or friendship; who knows what it could have become. I will never know how things would have turned out with people but I am now okay with it. You live and you learn and it’s not easy living each day with holiness and a pure mindset. It is all about dying to yourself and submitting it all to God. At the same time, Satan knows your weaknesses and what you are giving up for God; he will do all he can to tempt you and bring them back into your life. However if you allow temptation to get the best of you, you may end up messing up something that could be beautiful. Don’t do it anymore. No more letting you insecurities make you look crazy, no more opening your body up before marriage AND before getting to know who the person is, inside and out. Trust me, it’s not worth it. So tell your flesh to sit back down, and allow God to renew your mind and your heart daily. Giving into your flesh is natural; it feels good and it’s what you’ve always done; but your sinful flesh contradicts God. So be careful… don’t allow your flesh to come in and mess up something that can become beautiful. Be strong and remain pure and keep God in the center of everything you do. Whenever your flesh does tries to come in and take over, PRAY and submit yourself and the situation to God.

“Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” James 4:7 NKJV


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