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Sometimes We Need Deliverance from Ourselves.


You know, we as believers sometimes give the enemy satan way too much credit. We sit and we blame him for EVERYTHING going wrong in our lives. If we end up with a broken heart, we blame satan. If we end up in debt, in jail, or lose our job, we blame satan. Someway somehow he is getting all the credit. Now I am in no way trying to cut him any slack because he plays a role too. I am, however saying that we need to start taking accountability in our lives and accept that we are the source and to blame sometimes.

Have it ever occurred to you that you can be your own worst enemy?

You allow certain seeds to get planted. You believe your doubt and fears of your thoughts; you place those high expectations on yourself. You open the door for satan to do his works. You can flee from evil, God gave us power to do so, but we allow our flesh to win too many times. For example, you knew that person was no good, yet you slept with them anyway. They left because that was all they wanted and now you have a broken heart. If you would have stuck to your gut feeling and aligned your actions with God’s Word, you would have known that you was supposed to guard your heart (Proverbs 4:23) and honor God with your body (1 Corinthians 6:18-20). You’re supposed to wait for marriage anyway not sleep with someone else’s spouse meaning because you two aren’t married, they aren’t yours! Now you are dealing with consequences from YOUR actions. You knew getting them credit cards meant you would eventually have to pay back all that you spent, yet you allowed YOUR shopping addiction to rule you and one shirt led to three shoes, that led to you online ordering any and everything. Then one day you get that bill and you’re unable to pay it. All of them unpaid bills pile up and left you in a bit of debt, but that is a consequence that YOU put yourself in. Self-control is important to have (Proverbs 25:28), along with wisdom which is something God is more than happy to bless you with (James 1:5). I can give so many examples that we try to blame on satan, but really we are to blame. So this brings me to this, we have to pray and ask God to deliver us from ourselves.

Yes, you need to need to be rid of from your own fleshly acts and beg Jesus to saves you from you. We are our worst enemy, helping satan’s evil work to be easier. It is important to stay rooted in God’s Word and allow The Holy Spirit to lead and guide you in every action. Just this past weekend, I was online browsing because I love to shop online and I was going to purchase a few things that were pretty pricey. My flesh was like just click ready to buy, but something inside me (The Holy Spirit) kept insisting that I get off my laptop and into my bible because clearly I was weak and about to let my flesh rule me. See what I wanted to buy was not a necessity it was a want, but I did not NEED it at this very moment. I wanted to so bad to click buy now but I just couldn’t. See I had that feeling before and EVERYTIME I had it, it never proved me wrong. I would always end up getting mad at myself for not listening. Long story short, I decided to trust that feeling and maybe the reasoning why I was led to not buy it now will be revealed. I trust that God will give me an okay when I can buy, but right now I am happy I didn’t purchase because I needed that money for something more important that came up today. See how God tries to warn and protect us from ourselves! So today after reading this, I want you to pray over yourself and ask God to deliver you from yourself, your flesh, your thoughts, and your ways.


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