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Video: Don’t be afraid to share your story!


Just a really quick message, God placed on my heart during my quiet time with Him to share, (which I was hesitant to do, oh the irony lol). Most of us are all for sharing the good parts of our Christian journey, but are afraid to share the ugly side which is what God has delivered us from. Your testimony, your story, the one you are most ashamed of sharing may be just what someone needs to hear to know that if God has brought you from it, He can do the same for them. I pray this message is able to bless you in some way. God bless!



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Brittany L. Fitzgerald


  1. Thank you for sharing this! Not to use a cliche, but I am realizing more and more that our “mess” we have been delivered from is the greatest message. I was inspired one day to write my story down so I would be able to share it with others as the Lord leads. Our individual stories of restoration and deliverance from a hurting or sinful past are definitely meant to be shared with someone whom God will bring in our pathway at specific points in our and their lives. Some parts of our story are not necessarily for everyone, yet every part of our story is definitely for someone. Blessings!

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