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What I’m learning about trusting God


Trusting God, means you have to let go of your own understanding. Trusting God, means walking by faith and not by sight. Trusting God, means taking a risk and stepping out of the boat of your comfort zone. Trusting God means walking in obedience when commanded and not when it is convenient to you. Trusting God means enduring the trials with patience and humility. There is more to trusting God than just boldly confessing it with your mouth, your actions have to back up what you so “confidently” speak. At least that is what I have learned and am still learning about putting my trust in Jesus.

[tweetthis]Trusting God, means taking a risk and stepping out of the boat of your comfort zone.[/tweetthis]

A scripture that has been constantly spoken to me by God is Proverbs 3:5, which simply reminds me to Trust in the Lord with my entire heart, leaning not to my own understanding. I do not know about you, but my understanding of things can be a bit dramatic, over reacted, hopeless, messed up, excuses, (I mean I can go on and on), etc. If I say I trust God, then I must shut my mind up with all its crazy thoughts sometimes; well most of the time. Sometimes what we think is far from the truth and the enemy can feed us lies that can cause doubt, fear, anxiety, worst case scenarios or add to the nonsense already in our minds. God tells us to instead of trusting our own ways and facts, trust in Him with everything in us. So that means we may not get the answer we are looking for or we may not know why certain people or things were removed from our lives but if we trust in the Lord, everything will work out for our good because He loves us. Trusting God means we may have to step out at His command without the next instruction.

[tweetthis]Trusting God means walking in obedience when commanded and not when it is convenient.[/tweetthis]

Walking by faith and not by sight is something I have not yet mastered, but I am getting there little by little with a few to maybe a million questions that most of the time don’t get answered until I am where God wants me to be to receive what is next. It is hard to walk by faith and NOT by sight but it is required. See our sight, what we see, will lie to us, fail us, and make us believe that this is where we will be forever. It will make us believe that it’s too hard and risky. If we walk by sight, we won’t move until we feel it’s safe and not risky, but life is about taking risks. We can’t wait until the water is still before stepping out of the boat of our comfort zone. We have to fix our eyes on Jesus and believe that as we step forward, He is there, in front of us, with His hands on us, guiding us. We have to trust God and His ways. When God calls us out of our comfort zones, we will know. I knew God was calling me out of my comfort zone and He has been for a while in many different areas of my life, but I will admit I was afraid. I mean who isn’t terrified to leave comfortability? It is a place where you can just rest, be yourself, and can just do the bare minimum. However, let me reveal to you what that looks like to God… Your comfort zone is a place where you can be lazy, idle, hide, be stagnant, and hinder your growth. God wants more out of you; much is required from you. If you are reading this, God wants more out of you and for you! Your comfort zone is doing nothing but giving you cheap thrills and experiences but it’s not growing you into God’s will. God wants you to step out of the boat and on the water. Yes, it is risky, but you will never know what is out there for you if you stay in the boat. You will get to witness everyone else’s experiences but you will miss out on your own. There could be a job, a spouse, an open door for your ministry, a higher spiritual experience out there on the other side of your step forward with faith. But, you will never know until you trust God and walk by faith and not by sight at His command.

[tweetthis]Your comfort zone is a place where you can be lazy, idle, hide, be stagnant, and hinder your growth.[/tweetthis]

One thing I have learned today is that I can’t keep pushing back what God wants me to do or choose to do. I can’t keep walking by faith and trusting Him when it is convenient to me. I know everyone else acts on God’s command immediately without hesitation or questions 🙂 . I know I’m the only one that hesitates and questions God until I feel He is two seconds from hitting me upside the head with His glory (lol). No, but seriously, an act of faith is walking in obedience at God’s commanded time and not on your own time. Delayed obedience is disobedience. If God has given you an instruction to act upon, don’t procrastinate or delay it until you are ready to do it because it shows disrespect to God and it shows your lack of trust in Him. We must humble ourselves and rebuke pride because if we walk around without humility and full of pride, we will never amount to what God called us to. We must be filled with patience and humility and remember that we were made from God. What we go through will strengthen us and prepare us for what God has purposed us to do.

Some may say that it’s not easy trusting someone they have never seen, but if you have a relationship with God, then you have seen Him. You have seen Him in the healings, miracles, deliverance, newness, experiences you’ve encountered, you have seen God. You have seen Him enough to have a sense of matured faith that is able to trust Him as you journey through life to your destiny. Trusting God means we endure what we are going through in life, with humility that God is who He says He is and that He will not leave or forsake us in the middle of the storm. That when we step out of our comfort zone and on the water, His supernatural power will keep us and our minds as it starts to wonder and understand what is going on. Even if you start to wonder and understand what is going on around you or you step out and fall, you have to trust God enough that He will not let you drown. He will surely grab your hands and pull you back up. I have to daily remind myself to not lean on my own understanding but to trust God, and I want to encourage you to do the same by taking it a day at a time, faith by faith, step by step.



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