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Last night I had a dream and like any other dream I have, there was a message placed in my heart to share. In the dream there was a war going on. The war was both physical and spiritual, and the human eyes could see both. During the war, there were angels protecting certain individuals and everyone was trying to get to this house that was called The Prayer House, (which was considered a safe house). Everyone was calling on Jesus to return and was so ready for Him to come. However, Jesus tarried and held back from coming because although the people were confessing with their mouths they were ready, Jesus knew they weren’t. Jesus seen their hearts and their hidden un-confessed filthy deeds. He wanted to return, but He wasn’t satisfied with His people. When I woke up, I kept hearing in my spirit, “I’m not satisfied with my people“.

Jesus isn’t satisfied with His people’s hearts. He isn’t satisfied and is in fact, very displeased with the strange fire worship many offer to Him, along with the conditional praises, and the wavering faith. He is coming back looking for a church that He sees as ready. Thank God for His mercy because He is giving us a little more time. Time to repent, time to choose on this day whom we will serve. Time to mature in The Word, time to help perfect our local churches, time to step out into what He has called us to do. Time to wake up and get back in the race. It hurts my heart because there are a lot of people saying they are ready for Christ’s return, especially with everything that is going on, but majority of those people aren’t ready in The Lord’s eyes.

Today I want to encourage you to seek The Lord while you still can, surrender your heart to Him and submit to His ways. Every morning you wake up, is a gift from God. Each morning is another chance to do it better. In the times we are living in, challenges, persecution, trouble, even fear will arise to tempt you, sway you, move you, and break you down. Your foundation is what’s going to keep you. The foundation your heart is built on, the altar you choose to worship on, the standards your life is measured by, all these things matter and determine how you will survive. That is why we must humble ourselves. We must renew our way of thinking. We can’t live by how we used to live. We can’t serve God and our flesh too! We must deny our rebellious ways and submit to God’s standard of holiness. There’s a reason why there are commandments. There’s a reason why there are rules, guidelines, standards and a certain reputation we should carry with us on our journey with Christ. There’s a reason why you must make sure you worship among other believers in a good doctrine church. I know a lot of people say, it doesn’t take all of that because we are saved by grace alone and I believe, that is the truth. I just wonder if those same people know that their salvation can be in jeopardy if they aren’t living by the Word. I know that by grace through faith alone we are saved, but that same grace through faith should inspire us to want to do all that we can to stay saved.

Brittany L. Fitzgerald


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