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Lord what am I not doing?

Lord what am I not doing? It’s not what you are not doing, actually it’s what you are doing! If you desire to be closer to Jesus, higher and totally sold out for God, it is going to cost you ... READ the POST

Give God your YES

You were made for a much bigger purpose than where you are now in life. God has greater opportunities ahead of you, if only you would believe. If only you knew what was on the other side of your ... READ the POST

Video: Encourage yourself in The Lord

Instead of allowing the enemy and your situations and problems to discourage you. encourage yourself in The Lord. Intentionally seek Him, intentionally speak the Word over your life.   ... READ the POST

Video: Don’t be afraid to share your story!

  Just a really quick message, God placed on my heart during my quiet time with Him to share, (which I was hesitant to do, oh the irony lol). Most of us are all for sharing the good parts of ... READ the POST

Scripture for the week:

"For we walk by Faith and not by Sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7

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